Keira Knightley likes being anonymous

London: Keira Knightely feels lucky that paparazzi`s interest in her has subsided after she finished working on ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’.

The 26-year-old, who started her career with Gurinder Chaddha’s ‘Bend It Like Beckham’, says she can now walk in a hotel lobby without being hounded by photographers, reported Mirror online.

“I was different then to now, you change with your experiences... but my level of fame is not as big as Brad Pitt`s, thankfully”.

“At the time of the Pirates movies I had a crazy time where very simple things were very difficult. I had about 20 guys standing on my doorstep, so going for groceries became incredibly difficult. I just didn`t go out,” Knightley said.

The actress, who has since made a name for herself in period films, will be seen in another historical drama, playing Sabina Spielrein in ‘A Dangerous Method’ and Anna Karenina with Jude Law in another movie.

Knightely plays a masochistic mental patient who has an affair with her psychoanalyst Carl Jung, portrayed by the `Hunger` actor. She later becomes the first female psychoanalysts and also comes between Freud and Jung.


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