Keith Richards’ daughter appears in court over drug and graffiti charges

Last Updated: Mar 03, 2011, 15:18 PM IST

London: Musician Keith Richards`` daughter, Theodora, appeared in court in New York City on drug possession and graffiti charges.

Police said that the 25-year-old was caught drawing on the side of a convent in Lower Manhattan, reports the BBC.

A small amount of marijuana, eight-and-a-half pills of the narcotic painkiller hydrocodone and a paint marker were found in her possession, police said.

Theodora and model Patti Hansen did not enter a plea in court on Wednesday.

When confronted by an officer later, Theodora, who has worked as a model, allegedly said: "I hope I don``t get in trouble for this."

She said she did not have a prescription for the pills, the police said.