Keith Richards forced to apologize to Mick Jagger before Rolling Stones reunion

New York: Keith Richards had to apologize to Mick Jagger for insulting him -- and the size of his manhood - before the Rolling Stones stalwarts could begin rehearsals for their upcoming 50th anniversary shows.

The guitar great had poked fun at Jagger throughout his book, Life, revealing that his nicknames for the band mate were once “Her Majesty” and “Brenda,” and claimed Jagger was packing a “tiny todger.”

"It was something to get out of the bloody way so we could get the band on the road... I said, ``Look forward, brother, look forward,” Jagger told the Rolling Stone magazine.

"If you was married to somebody for 50 years, you can have your little spats here and there, and we don``t mind having them in public occasionally. We can’t get divorced – we’re doing it for the kids!"

And Jagger acknowledges Richards’s apology, adding, "He did apologise, to my face, so you have to put all that sort of stuff away. (It`s) water under the bridge, really."