Kelly Osbourne dating Chace Crawford?

London: Rock legend Ozzy Osbourne`s daughter Kelly Osbourne is reportedly dating `Gossip Girl` heartthrob Chace Crawford.

The 25-year-old has lost two stones and the effort has paid off really well. The singer-actress changed her diet and embarked on a rigorous workout regime after splitting from fiancé, model Luke Worall, some months ago.

The reality TV star has now become a front row fixture at New York Fashion Week and the new couple are spotted together at parties, reported Daily Mail online.

"Kelly is really opinionated, something that Chace finds very cool, she also looks stunning but in a very unique and hip way, they could be Manhattan?s new hip couple," the source says.

"Neither one of them are bothered about red carpets in a traditional sense, she grew up with all that debacle and he`s a Texan boy at heart," the source added.

Although Osbourne is yet to comment on the romance rumours, she did deny speculation linking her to someone called Isaac.

"Who is this Isaac boy and why are people saying I`m up with him? I can`t even remember meeting anyone called Isaac this week," she wrote on Twitter.