Kelly Osbourne in awe of Victoria Beckham

Washington: ‘Fashion Police’ star Kelly Osbourne respects and admires former ‘Spice Girls’ singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham because of the ‘image she has created for herself.

Osbourne, 27, wishes she could be more like Victoria and admires her for the way she successfully switched careers and also for the way she has cultivated a brand for herself. “The number of times I’ve sat next to Victoria on flights and she’s awesome,” Contactmusic quoted Osbourne as saying.

“She’ll arrive in designer clothes, change into comfy stuff, and then change back and do her make-up before she lands. I really admire her for the image she has created - and the fact she keeps her real self and her brand separate. I wish I could be like that but I say what I think too much,” she added.


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