Kelly Osbourne shields Kim Kardashian weight issues

Updated: Jun 13, 2013, 14:44 PM IST

Los Angeles: Actress-singer Kelly Osbourne may have slammed Christina Aguilera for gaining weight, but she has defended socialite Kim Kardashian`s weight saying it`s “deplorable” to call a pregnant women fat.

The 28-year-old star, who recently attended Kim`s baby shower, has defended her close friend, who has been criticised for the amount of weight she has gained during her pregnancy, reports

When a fan asked her on Twitter: “Your girl Kim throughout her pregnancy has been called fat, what do you think about that,” she replied: “I think it’s deplorable to call any pregnant women fat!”

Osbourne also offered some advices on how to deal with naysayers.

She wrote: “People who say terrible things are usually saying what they think about themselves.”

However, Osbourne had previously slammed singer-songwriter Aguilera for her weight gain last year.

She said: “Maybe she is just becoming the fat b***h she was born to be. I don`t know. She was a **** to me. And she bought my house!”

"She called me fat for so many f***ing years. So you know what? F**k you! You`re fat too,” she added.