Kesha impresses men by homemade tattoos

London: R&B singer Kesha impresses men by giving them homemade tattoos using sewing needles and a pen.

The `Tik Tok` singer recently learnt how to permanently ink herself using sewing needles and a pen, and tested out her new skill on a "hot" man she met in a hotel, as reported.

"A friend of mine told me you can create a tattoo with pen ink and a safety pin and I was like, `That`s amazing. I could give tattoos at anywhere in the world at any hotel.` I saw this hot dude recently and I gave him a tattoo sitting in the lobby of the hotel. I was just like, `Can I borrow a pen and a sewing kit?` I think I got an admirer out of that one,"
Kesha said.

The 23-year-old star, who is known for being outspoken and for her eccentric dress sense, added that she has a unique way of flirting with men in bars.

"I usually do something ridiculous like send him over a shot of whiskey and then spank him. Something like that," she said.

"I wouldn`t say I`m aggressive, but I`m a pervert. I have gold Trans Am and my favourite thing to do in the world is to drive around blasting Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath, cat calling dudes. It doesn`t work, but it`s fun," she added.



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