Khloe Kardashian’s mum compelling her to take DNA test against her will

Washington: Khloe Kardashian is apparently not willing to get a DNA test to prove she’s a real Kardashian.

On the May 20 season premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, Kris Jenner selfishly and relentlessly nags Khloe to prove to the world that she really is the daughter of Robert Kardashian, Hollywood Life reported.

This all began when Kris wrote a memoir detailing her affairs during her marriage to her late husband and Kardashian patriarch. In the book she talks about how she slept around right when she became pregnant with Khloe.

The media had a field day with this as Khloe doesn’t resemble her other sisters — she’s taller, heavier and has different facial features.

But when Kris calls up Khloe and asks her to take a DNA test to clear the air and prove that she really is a Kardashian, Khloe denies to do so.

Khloe tells her mother that she does not need to prove anything to anyone and that she believes that the rumors will just die down.

But Kris gets into a quarrel with her and tells her that she must get a DNA test to bear out it to the world.

When Khloe keeps on refusing, Kris gets all of the family together to have a meeting behind Khloe’s back and she gets a DNA specialist to come to her mansion and swab everyone’s mouths.

Kris gets all of the kids to gang up on Khloe during a family dinner and surprisingly the DNA guy shows up. Khloe gets very emotional and calls her mother “psychotic” and once again denies taking the test.


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