Kids hate me acting at home: Julia Roberts

London: Superstar Julia Roberts says her children are her harshest critics. The ‘Pretty Woman’ star said her three children have become her critics when it comes to her performing, specially at story time, a website has reported.

"They hate me acting at home. I read to them at bedtime and they’re like, ‘Can you stop doing that? Stop with the voices!’ So I have to just read it normally," she said.

Roberts, 44, who made her Broadway debut in ‘Three Days of Rain’ in 2006, recently said acting on stage is like giving birth.

"It`s like childbirth, you don`t know until you`ve done it but you get a little bit away from it and you go, `Of course I want to do that again`. You get sucked back into doing theatre because it`s really thrilling and does challenge you as an actor in really unique ways. You know, I love the medium of film, I love that environment but it`s just different."