Kilmer offers ranch for film festival fundraiser

Updated: Jun 12, 2010, 13:11 PM IST

Albuquerque: A day at actor Val Kilmer`s Pecos River Ranch in New Mexico will cost you, but organizers of the Santa Fe Film Festival say it`s for a good cause.

Festival co-executive director Michael Hare says Kilmer has agreed to help the festival raise money by offering up his northern New Mexico ranch.

For USD 500, a person can be a range boss for the day, getting a taste of ranch activities and fishing on the Pecos River. For USD 250, a person can be a ranch hand, or USD 125 will get you the position of wrangler for a half-day.

Hare says it`s been tough for any non-profit to raise money these days. So when Kilmer threw out the idea of using his ranch, the festival took him up on it.

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