Kim Cattrall doesn`t like posing with fans

London: Kim Cattrall has revealed that she often hates her `Sex And The City` fame because it has made her a target for over-eager fans, who interfere with her privacy.

The actress was shot to international stardom with the role of maneater Samantha Jones in the hugely popular TV show.

And the star admits she finds fame a burden, especially when strangers approach her in her free time.

"I try not to be rude to fans but I need to have boundaries. Recently I was enjoying a quiet lunch in Liverpool with a friend I haven`t seen in a long while," the Daily Express quoted Cattrall as telling the Daily Mail.

"This guy approaches our table, clearly the worse for drink. He says, ``C`mon, stand up - I want a photo with you.`` My response was, `I won`t do it. I`m not working right now, this is my time.``

"I don`t like to be put in a position where I``m made to feel like I`ve just arrived in Disneyland dressed as Mickey Mouse and my duty is to pose with complete strangers," Cattrall added.