Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton finally bury the hatchet

Updated: Feb 15, 2011, 17:40 PM IST

Washington: Former BFFs Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, who have been rumored to be feuding since their once-close friendship fizzled, have apparently made peace.

The hotel heiress and the reality star looked like best pals at the Interscope Grammy after-party where Lady Gaga was performing.

Kardashian approached Hilton and gave her a hug surprising anyone who still thinks they are on the outs.

"Kim approached Paris. Paris was with her mom, and sister, Nicky,” a website quoted an onlooker as saying.

Paris and Kim warmly embraced and genuinely seemed happy to see each other, which seemed to surprise fellow party-goers.

“Kim wished Paris a happy birthday (Paris` birthday is Feb 17th), and Kim complimented Paris on her outfit. Paris also complimented Kim and thanked her for the kind things she said about Paris in the Haper`s Bazaar interview.

“Kim was extremely classy in approaching Paris,” the onlooker added.

"The so-called feud between Paris and Kim was mostly driven by the media. Paris and Kim were close for a very long time, they just drifted apart. There is no bad blood there at all. In fact, it`s just the opposite, the girls have a lot of love for each other,” a source close to Kim and Paris said.