Kim Kardashian wooing Kanye by becoming `wife material`

Washington: Kim Kardashian is trying to prove to Kanye West that she would be the perfect wife for him.

The twice married reality TV star is head over heels in love with the rapper and is doing everything she can to show him that they are meant to be, including ironing his clothes and sending him pictures of herself and her kitten Mercy when he is away so he doesn`t get homesick.

``Kim is really showing Kanye she``s his perfect bitch. She``s been down for him, doing everything for him. Ironing his clothes, cooking for him, pampering the man!” a friend of Kanye`s told

``She got Mercy and makes him hold the cat and s**t like that and when they are not together, she takes pictures of herself with the cat and sends them to him. She`s showing love for him, no doubt, and I know he appreciates that.

``Kim is showing a different side. Who knows, she could be wife material at some point,” the source added.


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