Knights clinch IPL 5, Shah Rukh-Gauri ecstatic!

Zeenews Bureau

Delhi: As the entire country played spectators to the spectacular win by Kolkata Knight Riders, IPL 5 had an unusual celebration right on the field. Owner Shah Rukh Khan did a few cartwheels on the field, and wifey Gauri was all smiles beside the exuberant hubby.

As the Kolkata Knight Riders defeated Chennai Super Kings by five wickets, the joy of victory was writ large and clear on the faces of the supporters and anybody remotely associated with the KKR team. A visibly exhilarant Shah Rukh was seen hugging his team and said that he would be humble, “From this day, this team doesn’t belong to any of the promoters, it belongs to Bengal.”

King Khan also added, “This is something the youngsters should believe in – resilience, patience, perseverance – if you believe, you can win.”

Shah Rukh also apologised for his earlier misbehaviour.

Dancing to the tunes of chhammak chhallo on the field, SRK professed his love for his team and said that he had learnt to be good and patient. Gauri Khan was by her husband in her maiden visit during this season of IPL, and on being asked as to why she had kept away from the entire run, she replied, “I had said that I would only come to the field when KKR reach the finals!”

We heartily congratulate Shah Rukh and the Kolkata Knight Riders team!