Koena Mitra speaks out about her surgeries

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Does anyone remember Koena Mitra? The bong bombshell was last seen in ‘Apna Sapna Money Money’ opposite Riteish Deshmukh. Since then, the actress was in the news only for her cosmetic surgeries which went horribly wrong. The actress has defended her surgeries and also claimed that almost all the leading actors of the industry go under the knife to look young.

Speaking to a film based magazine, the hottie stated that she did not regret going under the knife at all. The actress defended and said, “You think anybody in the entire industry regrets these surgeries? I can give you a long list of names with their long list of surgeries. My list of surgeries is really tiny compared to many leading stars of the day. I at least had the courage to come out and talk.”

A certain section of the media had given negative feedback to her surgery. Did she feel bad? “When I had done the surgery, it was quite visible as a swelling on my face. Since I am skinny, I couldn’t hide it, so big shit! I was out like that” the actress retorted.

Although she herself went through the surgery, she does not recommend it to others. “It’s a personal choice for people to make. I made the decision but I wouldn’t want to blame anyone for it.”

The actress is probably the only one who has admitted to her surgeries. And she doesn’t see any harm in admitting to it. “It’s a personal choice that one makes. It’s their body, their money and they take the pain. It is their choice. People should not expect that everyone will come out and admit to it. A lot of people lie. How do our heroes look flawless at 40, with their hair suddenly re growing at the age of 45 and 50? How come their faces have no wrinkles? Yet only actresses are targeted; that’s wrong!”

The incident did put a break on Koena’s Bollywood career. The actress, who was known for her item numbers had suddenly vanished. But the optimistic Koena said that she was busy grooming her acting skills in the last nine months. The actress has recently bagged her first Hollywood project ‘Story of Naomi’ in which she will be playing the female lead opposite Kevin Sorbo.

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