Kristen Stewart calls herself `miserable`

London: Actress Kristen Stewart says she often feels miserable as she doesn`t know what makes her happy -- when she is in her comfort zone or pushing herself to the limits.

In an interview with Balenciaga`s creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere, the 22-year-old actress opines about the concept of happiness and her much-mocked penchant to frown, a media report said.

“I`m miserable... I`m not sure if I`m most happy when I`m comfortable and content or when I`m pushing myself to the limits,” said Stewart.

“There are such different versions of happiness, and I really appreciate both,” she added.

In the interview the star also talks style and how it diverges from that of Bella, her role in the `Twilight Saga`.

“I always wanted Bella to be unassuming, yet cooler than everyone else. We both wear lots of casual clothes. But her actual style is very far away from mine.”

An even bigger style stretch was playing a stripper in `Welcome to the Rileys`. “I was definitely not wearing enough clothing. I looked back and thought `That`s so not me,` but it was fun,” said Stewart.


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