Kristen Stewart upset after not getting Golden Globe nomination

Los Angeles: Actress Kristen Stewart is unhappy about not being considered for a Golden Globe award for her role in the movie ‘The Road’.

The 22-year-old plays the role of Marylou in the film and hoped to get some recognition for her work.

"Kristen, like any actor or actress, wants their work respected and rewarded. Not being honoured with a nomination has just lit a fire under her to be work even harder in the future," quoted a source as saying.

However, the actress is keeping her fingers crossed with other award functions.

"All the (nominations) haven`t been announced for other awards shows, so she may have missed the Golden Globes, but that doesn`t mean she has missed out on everything else," the source said.

Stewart was last seen in ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2’.