‘Kuber’ boat owner serves notice on Ram Gopal Varma

Rajkot: Owner of the boat `Kuber`, that was used in the 26/11 terror attack, has served a legal notice on film director Ram Gopal Varma who has used the boat`s name and even its registration number in his film ‘Attack of 26/11’ which will release Friday.

Stating that Varma should not go ahead with the release of the film, boat owner Hiralal Masani in the legal notice said that, "Registration of Kuber was made at Porbandar port and the film director has used the name and registration number without permission."

The film is based on Mumbai terror attack in November 2008 where 10 Pakistan-based terrorists used `Kuber` to reach Mumbai after hijacking the boat in the high seas.

Masani said that it was only yesterday that he came to know that the film had made use of the name `Kuber` and even its registration number.

The notice said that, "Showing Kuber boat in the film will defame our reputation and therefore the film should not be released."

Varma had earlier sought permission from the owner to use the boat`s name and its registration number in the film, but it was not granted.

Varma could not be contacted for his comments.