Kunis doesn`t measure happiness by success

London: Hollywood actress Mila Kunis says she doesn`t base her happiness on her career.

The actress, who has got rave reviews for her performance in ballet movie `Black Swan` opposite Natalie Portman, insists she can separate her personal and professional lives and refuses to let the opinions of critics or Hollywood bosses determine who she is, contactmusic.com reports.

"I`ve survived in this industry because I made a conscious decision that my career was going to be not who I am but what I do. I detach myself from it on a daily basis and have done my entire life," Kunis said.

"The problem with anything to do with entertainment - acting, dancing - if your happiness is based on what you do, you`re doomed to failure," the 27-year-old said.

"I think I would go crazy if all my life and all my happiness were dependent upon acting because the problem with this industry is that it`s all a matter of opinion," she added.

"Someone might think I`m a great actress, someone else might think I suck. Neither is wrong, it`s just a matter of opinion. So if I gauge my happiness on another person`s opinion I`d want to kill myself," the actress added.


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