Kylie feeling broody because of sister Dannii

London: Australian singer Kylie Minogue admits that watching her sister Dannii`s baby bump makes her feel broody.

"I`m not jealous but it does make me think, `Aw, yeah!` I can`t contain myself," quoted her as saying.

"When I saw her before she left London I felt the baby kick which was amazing, it was one of those cartoon moments where it was like a big Kung Fu kick. I was like, `I know this is happening, I`m a rational person but as you`re my sister it`s still surreal to me, you just have a balloon up your top.` We`re all very excited."

She has also denied stepping into the shoes of Dannii at British TV talent show "The X Factor".

Kylie added, "That rumour was going around but I don`t think that`s going to happen. A - I don`t think I`d be very good at it. And B - I`m too busy doing other things."