Kylie Minogue contacts police after Twitter ‘deluded weirdo’ threat

Melbourne: Kylie Minogue has revealed that she alerted the police after receiving threats by a follower on Twitter. The 43-year-old was inundated with messages of support from fans after she revealed on the social networking website that one of her followers had been sending her threatening messages.

“I love 1,033,861 of you LOVERS, but 1 is not a lover, just a deluded weirdo making threat #andthatdoesnotmakeyouspecial SO..police alerted,” a website has quoted her as tweeting.

The songstress, who is scheduled to perform at Mardi Gras next month, was forced to call in police back in 2003 to investigate a series of threatening letters after receiving 700 missives at her home and office.

Fans took to Twitter to support the singer and ask the concerned person to leave her alone.

One tweeted “stay safe little one!” another said, “No one messes with our Kylie, leave Lylie alone”, while another wrote, “Whoever the wierdo is I hope he (I assume it’s a he) gets what he deserves. Leave Kylie alone.”