Kylie Minogue `so lucky` to put name to mango

Sydney: Sugary pop star Kylie Minogue could be about to get a little sweeter -- an Australian politician wants to name a new variety of mango in her honour.

Scientists have developed three new mangos in the Northern Territory and the region`s primary industry minister Kon Vatskalis wants one named for the pint-sized former "Neighbours" star who has won worldwide fame as a singer.

"I think Kylie should be so lucky to have this mango variety named after her," Vatskalis said in a statement Wednesday.

"She is the princess of pop and just like royalty it would be fitting to have a Territory icon named after her."

Vatskalis said he would send Minogue a batch of the mangos so she could be one of the first people to sample the new varieties of the tropical fruit.

The three new versions, developed after 16 years of research as part of Australia`s National Mango Breeding Program, have a higher blush colour which is designed to make them more appealing to shoppers.

They are also more productive and able to be harvested for longer than current varieties.

Vatskalis said he would lobby the breeding programme to name the mango after Minogue before of its expected release for sale in late 2012.

Bureau Report