La Toya Jackson thinks MJ’s kids are not ready to attend school

London: While Michael Jackson`s mum Katherine has decided to send the singer’s kids to school, the King of Pop’s sister Latoya is against the idea.

Jackson`s mother Katherine who was named the youngsters` guardian has agreed to their request to start school in September (10).

However, La Toya wishes her brother’s children would ‘wait a bit longer’ before starting school - because the trio will find the experience completely ‘foreign’.

"It is going to be difficult (starting school). It`s a private school and we know the school very well because all of my nieces and nephews basically went there,” the Daily Star quoted La Toya Jackson as telling GMTV.

“Actually, they (Jackson`s kids) wanted to go, so my mother said yes to them. I wish that they`d maybe wait a little bit longer before because this is something... it`s a territory that`s very foreign to them. They have never been amongst other children at school," she added.