Lady Gaga branded ‘devil’s spawn’ for promoting homosexuality

London: ‘Poker Face’ singer Lady Gaga has been branded as “the devil’s spawn” and “a whore face” by a religious group for promoting homosexuality.

The Westboro Baptist Church, which is known for its hatred of homosexuals, targeted the 24-year-old bisexual pop singer over her sizzling, lesbian-themed video ‘Telephone’.

The extremist church group, which has already caused uproar by picketing the funerals of US servicemen and whose slogan is “God Hates Fags”, claimed Gaga’s image, clothes, songs and pop videos are “blasphemous”.

Followers have picketed the singer’s gigs with placards saying “God Hates GaGa”, and group members Megan Phelps Roper, 24, and cousin Sara Phelps, 29, have even filmed foul-mouthed parodies of ‘Telephone’ and ‘Poker Face’, called ‘Ever Burn’ and ‘Whorish Face’.

Their controversial lyrics include “Go devil’s spawn to the hell where you will forever burn”, and “You ain’t got no poker face, you just got your whorish face”.

“Lady GaGa is a sleazy God-hater. She has the face of a proud whore and something needs to be done about it. She is teaching the boys and the girls to be proud whores,” the Daily Star quoted campaigner Megan as saying.

“GaGa is promoting homosexuality and bisexuality and God hates her. God hates all fags and fag enablers,” she stated.

The group even claimed GaGa was responsible for contributing to the deaths of soldiers in Afghanistan and the Mexico oil spill.

“For the way that you fake pray all the time will just kill soldiers faster, spread that oil faster, bring the fire faster,” they chanted.



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