Lady Gaga gets `hair-raising` reception from lookalikes in Tokyo

London: Lady Gaga, whose fans can usually be relied upon to make a really rather special effort when there’s a chance they might meet the good lady herself, was greeted by a bunch of lookalikes at Narita international airport in Tokyo as she continued her world tour.

Gaga’s trip to Asia hasn’t all gone swimmingly though. A Muslim group have said she has no place in Indonesia, where she’s due to perform on June 3, accusing her of worshipping the devil.

“Lady Gaga insults all religions. Even Christians in Korea opposed her,” the Mirror quoted a spokesman for the Islamic Defenders’ Front as saying.

“She is promoting the worship of Satan,” he said.

There was also a protest by a Christian organisation in South Korea - where she performed last month - that claimed she endorsed homosexuality.