Lady Gaga left fuming after being unable to enter hotel discreetly

London: Lady Gaga was left feeling rather agitated when she found that the back door to her Stockholm hotel was locked, when she tried to get inside discreetly.

As the 26-year-old singer hung around outside, she looked more and more annoyed waiting to be let in, the Daily Mail reported.

Wearing a light pink netted turban, that included a jewelled headpiece and a cartoon image of a princess, the ‘Born This Way’ hitmaker had wrapped up for the evening.

She had teamed the unusual headgear with a white fur coat, satin gloves and a mirrored clutch as she knocked on the hotel door.

Gaga insisted on banging on the door as her entourage looked on, and when there was still no answer, she threw her arm up in the air and rolled her eyes.

She was apparently shouting “let me in” and was getting more and more irritated before she finally made her way inside the hotel.


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