Lady Gaga ‘not ready’ to buy house

Updated: Nov 24, 2011, 15:41 PM IST

Washington: Lady Gaga has revealed that she is “not ready” to buy a house for herself because she finds it too much of a commitment.

The ‘Born This Way’ hitmaker said that she has no desire to settle down in a place at the moment because it’s too much of an obligation.

“I’m not ready to buy a house. It feels like marriage or something,” Contactmusic quoted the singer as telling Access Hollywood.

“It’s like such a commitment. I don’t like it.

“I do love being with my parents, but I also just really fear domestication.

“I just don’t have a home. I actually sleep at my best friend Bo’s, in her apartment a lot.

“She kicks her boyfriend onto the couch and it’s really funny. We stay up and watch movies,” she added.