Lady Gaga set to become an ordained minister to marry gay fans

Melbourne: American artist Lady Gaga has revealed that she wants to get ordained so she can marry gay fans on stage.

The singer was famously against Proposition 8, that rules against same sex marriages.

She has already taken an online course and is set to undertake the full paperwork to become an ordained minister, reports Britain`s Heat magazine.

Meanwhile, Gaga has insisted she doesn`t "give a f**k about money".

"I spent every dollar I made on my music, my art. Every dollar," the Daily Telegraph quoted her as saying.

"I don`t wait to get budgets from the label. I do it on my own. I don`t give a f**k about money.

Unless it`s on the stage, I don`t want it in my hand."Pop music is commercial art the way Andy Warhol`s Campbell`s soup cans were commercial art. I don`t know why everyone is so against pop music. I love a good chorus - sue me. It`s that f***ing simple." she added.