Lady Gaga shaves back of head

IANS| Updated: Jun 14, 2014, 03:24 AM IST

New York: Here`s a new fashion statement from Lady Gaga - a half shaved off head.

The "Poker face" singer Thursday stepped out of her apartment here flaunting a see-through brassiere and sheer jumpsuit teamed with extravagant silver jewellery. If this didn`t fail to attract eyeballs already, her new shaved patch on the back of her head definitely turned out to be a head-turner, reports

The only piece of clothing which lent modesty to the 28-year-old`s all-black sheer outfit was a high-waisted pair of shorts clinging tightly to her thighs. Her jumpsuit was also styled in a way that it gaped wide open across her chest.

She also carried her French Bulldog, Asia.