Lady Gaga to steal Britney Spears` Twitter crown

Updated: Aug 20, 2010, 08:48 AM IST

New York: In a symbolic exchanging of the pop princess crown, Lady Gaga will soon become the world`s top Twitter user by overtaking current champ Britney Spears` number of followers.

According to social media statistics service, Gaga recorded 5,635,460 followers earlier today, while Spears had 5,646,028.

With current growth rates, the "Bad Romance" singer should pass Spears` count on Thursday or Friday at the latest.

Spears` brief run at the top of Twitter began less than three months ago, when she overtook actor Ashton Kutcher for the top spot. confirmed that Gaga`s Twitter followers, 16 million Facebook friends and YouTube popularity currently make her the most popular entity online. However, the singer`s Twitter crown is far from secure.

With Justin Bieber adding 800,000 new Twitter followers a month to his existing 4.5 million, the teen star could pass Gaga within six months.

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