Lady Gaga urges fans to call undecided senators to legalize gay marriage

New York: After joining the gay parade in Rome earlier this month, Lady Gaga has now urged her fans, called ‘little monsters’, to support the gay marriage battle in New York.

The musical superstar took to Twitter and requested her fans to call reticent state lawmakers to demand they act on the gay marriage bill currently before the Senate.

“I am so proud to be a New Yorker! One step closer to equality and toward the legalization of Gay Marriage in America. Full Equality. Unity,” a newspaper quoted her as tweeting.

“Little monsters’ could get involved to mobilize social justice. NY State needs us, and the time for change is now,” she added.

In two tweets, she told her fans to go through the Human Rights Campaign to contact fence-sitting senators, including Buffalo GOPer Mark Grisanti.

However, HRC``s Brian Ellner insisted that the megastar did not coordinate her efforts with advocates and now some worry that she is doing more harm than good.

“Of course we share the same goal, but frankly we don``t want senators to be bombarded this way,” one source said.

‘All our fieldwork has been about respectful calls from constituents in the district. We``d never go this kind of mass,” the source added.

The measure has passed the Assembly on Wednesday night for the fourth time since 2007.

Currently, 31 senators, including two Republicans, have come out in favor of the proposal but is just one vote shy of the 32 needed for passage. Three GOPers are said to be undecided.


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