Laila Khan murder case: What happened that night

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: While the police is yet to ascertain whether the skeletons found at Igatpuri belong to Laila Khan and her family, they have confirmed to the media that Pervez Tak, Laila’s step-father killed the actress and rest of her family.

According to Joint Commissioner of Police, Himanshu Roy, Pervez Tak admitted to the whole crime during interrogation. Tak also narrated the entire series of events that led to the murder. Pervez, third husband of Saleena Khan(Laila’s mother) was living with the family for two years in Mumbai till February 2011, when the incident took place. On 7 February 2011, the entire family- Laila, her siblings, Saleena and Tak went to their newly renovated Igatpuri farmhouse for a holiday. After dinner, Saleena and Tak got into an argument over Saleena’s second husband, Asif Sheikh. During the argument, in a fit of rage, Tak hit Saleena on her head with a blunt object which led to Saleena’s death. On seeing their mother in a pool of blood, Laila and her brother Imran came charging at Tak. Blows were exchanged and Parvez killed Laila and her siblings with the help of house guard, Shakir Hussain. Laila’s elder sister Hazmina, twin siblings Zara and Imran and another relative were murdered simply because they happened to witness the brutal murder.

The six bodies were buried in the backyard of the house in such a manner that even animals could not find the bodies if they dug them out. Sheikh and Tak then left for Mumbai and went to the Oshiwara flat before leaving for Kashmir. The duo reached Kashmir in a scoprio car on 12 February 2011 and then abandoned the car, which was found by the Jammu Police 2 days later.

The Mumbai Police are awaiting DNA reports to confirm that the skeletons found belong to the Khan family. But Roy also added that since Tak himself took the police to the spot where the bodies were found, and also admitted to murder, it could be assumed that the skeletons were of Saleena and her children.

According to Police, Tak admitted that he killed them in a fit of rage and that it was not a premeditated murder. Tak was insecure about Saleena’s friendship with her ex husband Asif Sheikh. Asif was helping the family in relocating to Dubai. Not having a passport, Tak felt insecure that the family would abandon him in India.