Lara Dutta suffers wardrobe malfunction

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: There have been innumerable instances of wardrobe malfunction in leading fashion events that has brought a lot of publicity to the event as well as the model concerned. Some of the incidents were staged while some were real, but a wardrobe mishap is always seen as the ticket to instant publicity. Recently, Lara Dutta got her share of publicity when her gown slipped off her shoulder and revealed more than she had intended to show.

The former beauty queen suffered the mishap at the IIFA event in Colombo. She was wearing a sexy low cut gown and while interacting with fans during the launch of a musical reality show, her strap slipped off. Everybody, including her boyfriend, Mahesh Bhupathi, had a peek-a-boo at the free show.

But Lara, who has seen it all, did not lose her composure, and using her presence of mind, the actress went back stage to fix it.

Lara's representative, however, dismissed the report as 'silly' and insisted to that there was no malfunction.

Well, Lara has already shown so much more of her body in her films that the wardrobe malfunction really did not make any difference, anyway!


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