Late King of Pop Michael Jackson’s son Prince Michael to testify in court

Updated: Jan 02, 2011, 11:23 AM IST

London: Late King of Pop Michael Jackson’s son Prince Michael could be called to court to give evidence in the star’s death case.

Prince Michael, 13, is likely to be called by defence lawyers for Dr Conrad Murray, the singer’s personal physician, at a pre-trial hearing due to start in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Murray’s lawyers will claim he gave Jackson only 25 milligrams of the anaesthetic propofol on the day he died in June, 2009, not the massive overdose that killed him.

They will also say Jackson added more of the drug to his ¬intravenous drip while his doctor was in the bathroom and will try to prove the singer had a history of “self-medicating”.

“What Jackson’s children may have seen in the past could be crucial to the defence. If they ever, even once, saw their father administer his own drugs, it will give veracity to Dr Murray’s claim,” a daily quoted a source as saying.

“No one wants to put any youngster through the mill like that but what those kids may have seen could be key to whether there were precedents of Jackson self-medicating,” the source added.

“The likelihood is that the eldest boy alone will be questioned under oath, with his siblings spared the ordeal of having to relive the most painful memories of their lives.”
David Walgren, the Deputy ¬district attorney, said that unless “circumstances make that absolutely necessary”, Jackson’s kids will not be called to testify.

A family friend said last night, “Michael’s mother Katherine is absolutely horrified by the prospect of Prince Michael or any of the children being forced to give evidence.”