Leo DiCaprio and I trust each other: Martin Scorsese

PTI| Last Updated: Jan 02, 2014, 12:44 PM IST

Los Angeles: Director Martin Scorsese said his long association with actor-producer Leonardo DiCaprio is based on trust.

Scorsese, who has helmed cult classics like `Raging Bull`, `Goodfellas` and `Taxi Driver`, has done five projects with the 39-year-old star in the last 11 years and finds great connect with him despite their age difference.

Their latest film together is `The Wolf of the Wall Street`.
"And so Leo has given me a few projects, I`ve given him a few projects and, again, with Leo, there`s that trust. And, by the way, this stroke of trust is not something where you say, "Okay, I trust you," and you go. It`s every day -- we work at that every day," Scorsese told the Hollywood Reporter in an interview.

"It really was just DiCaprio. You know, I`m 30 years older but I find in him the same instincts, the same range, in a way, the same desire to risk, to take chances and to go to places that other people are not interested in going to...," said Scorsese.
The only other actor who has had such long association with Scorsese is Robert De Niro. The director and De Niro worked together on eight films.

Scorsese and DiCaprio`s latest venture `The Wolf of Wall Street` is based on the real life story of a stockbroker and is set for January 3 release in India.