Leonardo DiCaprio says ‘Titanic’ co-star Gloria Stuart was a ‘force’

Washington: Leonardo DiCaprio has said that Gloria Stuart, his co-star in ‘Titanic’ who passed away Sunday at the age of 100, was a force.

"Gloria Stuart was a force both on and off screen," Usmagazine.com quoted him as saying.

"An amazingly sweet person, a fantastic actress, and someone who always fought for what she believed in.

"She was one of the last great actresses from the Golden era of Hollywood. I was honored to have worked along side her. She will be missed,” he added.

Beginning in the 1930s, Stuart starred in over 40 films, but semi-retired after A-list movie star status eluded her.

Nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1998 for her Titanic turn, she became the oldest woman ever nominated for an Academy Award but lost to Kim Basinger.

She is survived by a daughter, four grandchildren and twelve great grandchildren.