Leonardo DiCaprio splurging on luxurious lifestyle in Sydney

Melbourne: Leonardo DiCaprio, who is currently the highest paid actor in the world, has made Sydney his home till Christmas, where he is leading a luxurious lifestyle.

The Hollywood heavyweight is presently shooting at Fox Studios and on location in Rozelle for ‘The Great Gatsby’.

Intensely private, he has been dodging Sydney media since his arrival in August and has taken to hiding under a large baseball cap and being driven about in a convoy of vehicles, with body doubles employed as decoys, News.com.au reported.

His home is a five-bedroom, five-bathroom harbourfront mansion in Vaucluse with its own pool, private jetty and luxury cruiser.

But after being discovered at the 10,000 dollars-a-week rental in his first weeks here, DiCaprio has also taken a complimentary suite at The Star, where he has his own butler, driver, limo and access to the casino’s luxury jet.

For company DiCaprio has been enjoying time with his Gatsby co-star Tobey Maguire, a close friend for 20 years.

Other establishments to enjoy his patronage have included the nightclub Beach Haus, a popular hangout, where DiCaprio is rumoured to have twice picked up beautiful young companions.