Liam Gallagher mocks Robbie Williams` tips

Updated: Jul 08, 2013, 19:04 PM IST

London: Liam Gallagher is not letting his fight with Robbie Williams come to an end gracefully.

The pair have been engaged in a fight in recent weeks after the former `Oasis` front man called Robbie a f***ing fat f***ing idiot, the Sun reported.

Williams responded by criticizing Gallagher`s band Beady Eye`s music.

To which, Gallagher said that they did not make a record to satisfy some requirements but because it was their project.

Williams said the record is good but the songs have no chorus.

Gallagher further wrote that he would rather shoot himself in the balls than follow Gallagher advice.

He explained that he doesn`t listen to other music and so doesn`t need any inspiration from others.