Lil` Kim`s dad has Alzheimer`s disease

New York: Rapper Lil` Kim has revealed that her father is suffering from Alzheimer`s disease.

The 37-year-old rapper-and-actress has taken her father Linwood Jones into her home so she can care for him as he has a case of the dementia condition, reported a leading daily.

"My father had ex-wife troubles. Also health issues. He shakes. Spills coffee and food. We have to cook for him, pour his juice. His sickness wasn`t diagnosed, but it`s a small case of Alzheimer`s. I know about `Honour Thy Father and Mother`. My father and I were estranged, but I`ve taken him in. He lives with me."

The rapper, whose real name is Kimberly Denise Jones, has a bad reputation because she was jailed for a year for conspiracy and perjury in March 2005. But the ‘Superhero Movie’ actress is adamant her reputation is unjustified because she is actually a good person with morals.

"People around me know I do good. Nobody gives me a chance. It was difficult when I went away. It`s still difficult. But God`s working on helping to understand me. Someday people will," she added.


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