Lilly Allen prefers being a homemaker to A-list star

London: Brit singer Lily Allen is certainly not hungry for celeb status, insisting she would rather play a homemaker, watch TV and plan babies.

Allen, 25, is currently planning a child with boyfriend Sam Cooper, 32.

"I plan to have children in the next year," The Mirror quoted her, as saying.

And Allen is even planning to take a hiatus from her music career.

She said: "Because people have stopped buying music...the only way to make money is to tour - and I’m not willing to do that with babies around.

"A part of the way I became who I became was because I was subjected to a certain lifestyle from an early age. My parents hung out with famous people, but we didn’t ¬necessarily reap the same financial benefits. So there was a part of me thinking, ``I wanna be like those people.`` And once I’d achieved it, it didn’t make me happy.

"So I don’t want to put my kids in that position. I’d rather set up businesses, put a roof over our heads, then move to the country to shelter them for a bit."

Allen added: "I``m the happiest I’ve ever been. Having Sam around gives me confidence and that I’ve got him to lean on, whereas before I felt really lonely. Like it was me fighting the rest of the world. I don’t feel like I’m fighting anyone any more. I feel pretty levelled out.

"Today is a typical day. I’ll be home by six and I’ll make dinner for Sam, who`ll get back from watching football at nine. I cook something different every night. Tonight I’ll make chicken, lemon and ¬coriander parcels. Then we’ll watch Newsnight and go to bed."



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