LiLo could end up serving less than a week in prison, says expert

Washington: Experts are assuming that Lindsay Lohan, who has been sentenced to 90 days in jail, may only serve about a week or less in jail for probation violation.

Based on the past records of Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton, experts have made this claim.

In December 2006, Richie, who was sentenced to 4 days in prison for driving under the influence of drugs, was released after a mere 82 minutes in the big house, or less than 2 percent of her sentence.

Similarly, Hilton, who was sentenced to 45 days in jail for parole violation in 2007, ended up spending 23 days, or about 30 percent of her sentence in jail.

So following the hearing, Los Angeles Sheriff spokesman Steve Whitmore said an inmate in Lohan`s situation (a woman sent to jail for non-violent crimes, not a celebrity) generally serves about 25 percent of their sentence, which in this case would be approximately 23 days.

"A person [of] such notoriety will be kept away from the general population," Whitmore said outside the courthouse.

But Lindsay’s time behind bars could be significantly less than that.

“Luckily for Lindsay, she could get significant jail time shaved off the judge’s sentence. Depending on jail overcrowding conditions, which is a common occurrence in Los Angeles County, the Department of Corrections can shave anywhere from 75 percent, even up to 90 percent off her 90-day sentence for a non-violent misdemeanour," Fox news quoted Criminal Defence Attorney Stacy Schneider as saying.

"With extra jail time credits also applied, I am betting she will serve about a week or less," Schneider added.



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