LiLo dismisses Scram tampering reports

London: Lindsay Lohan has denied allegations that the actress tampered with her Scram device in order to block the alcohol reading.

It was reported that the Mean Girls star had attempted to obstruct her Scram bracelet twice by placing a foreign object in between her leg and the device.

Even the data from the electronic anklet indicates tampering issues on two separate occasions.

But Shawn Chapman Holley, who has now resigned as LiLo’s lawyer, slammed these claims, blaming the suspicious readings on faults with the technology.

"Lindsay adamantly denies tampering with the device. There are a number of people who were with her who could attest to the fact that she never tampered with her bracelet and there are well-documented problems with the SCRAM bracelet and the accuracy of its readings," a news daily quoted Holley as telling an entertainment website.