LiLo donning $1,200 heels at court says she can’t afford counselling!

London: Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has claimed during a routine probation hearing that paying for court-ordered counselling is weighing a bit too much on her pocket.

When the Los Angeles court demanded evidence that the ‘Mean Girls’ star was receiving treatment from a psychiatrist as required, Lohan’s lawyer Shaun Chapman Holley claimed that she and her client were unable to find one for financial reasons.

“Ms Lohan cannot be in group therapy because of the publicity it would attract and the paparazzi,” a newspaper quoted Holley as saying.

“She was seeing someone for psychological treatment at UCLA but had to stop for financial reasons,” she added.

Though Lohan`s lawyer revealed that the actress’ had no health insurance coverage due to lack of coverage and work, the prosecution found it “hard to believe” that she could not afford the therapy as she came to attend the hearing donning a 1,195-dollar pair of footwears.

Judge Stephanie Sautner was, however, convinced that Lohan was not suitable for group counselling, as there is the risk of her information being sold.

Sautner gave her 21 days to find an appropriate one-on-one therapist and suggested her to get a loan.


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