LiLo pictured sitting on grimy street with face on pavement

London: ‘Mean Girls’ star Lindsay Lohan was photographed looking the worse for wear as she sat in a grimy street with her face flat on the pavement upon leaving a New York bar.

Lohan, 24, who as part of her probation is not allowed to drink alcohol, spent the best part of the evening hanging out with friends in The Cabin Down Below bar soon after arriving in New York by private jet.

After emerging from the bar, she was seen stooping, groping for support, and struggling to stay atop her high platform heels.

Dressed in a very short black dress, leopard print coat, the actress kneeled on the ground, cigarette in hand, laughing uncontrollably and inadvertently exposing her underwear.

And as her friends laughed, she stumbled to her feet, until one of them helped her.

But Lohan made an attempt to down play the scenes by tweeting it was an accident.

“Is it not allowed to slip and fall? im always a klutz!!!” the Daily Mail quoted her as writing.