LiLo uses freedom from rehab to update Twitter status

New York: After celebrating Thanksgiving with her father, Lindsay Lohan returned to Twitter with a quote that was re-tweeted by Tom Cruise earlier in the day (it was originally tweeted by a Cruise fan): "Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around. Sofia~Vanilla Sky. LOVE this quote."

The quote is originally from 2001 Tom Cruise movie ‘Vanilla Sky’ directed by Cameron Crowe about a publisher whose life changes after a car crash with a jaded ex.

Lohan, meanwhile, has reportedly returned to the Betty Ford center where she is continuing treatment until January 3 next year, reports the New York Daily News.

Perhaps her brush with the outside world has rekindled her love of social media.

The last thing the troubled starlet tweeted was on September 26 when she said, “All accept the paparazzi hitting one of the ministry guys. They need to be stopped. I think this is a job for The Terminator.”

That was tweeted hours after she posted bail to be released from her latest stint in prison.