Lilo’s handwriting shows ‘she’s a control freak’

New York: Handwriting experts have revealed that Lindsay Lohan’s handwriting indicates that she is a control freak – that she was striving for control in her life.

A photo of notes Lohan took during Tuesday``s sentencing revealed neat, all-caps block lettering.

"It`s almost like an engineer`s writing," The New York Daily News quoted Sheila Lowe, author of the ‘Complete Idiot``s Guide to Handwriting Analysis’, as saying.

"People with extreme block printing often have high control needs because inside they feel out of control. It``s too crowded inside their heads," Lowe said.

Another analyst said the block printing suggests Lohan was guarded and didn``t want to reveal anything with longhand cursive.

The handwriting "is not that of an erratic, scattered drug addict. It is the handwriting of a focused individual with a high degree of perfectionism," said Bart Baggett, President of Handwriting

"The straight baseline reveals an overall anxiety of things not going right, someone who loves order and structure."