LiLo’s mom slams Michael Lohan with ‘illegitimate child’ claims

New York: Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina has accused Michael Lohan of paying for child support of an illegitimate child but not being able to pay for their kids’ education.

Michael claims he has no clue if 15-year-old Ashley Kaufmann of Montana is his daughter.

"I never admitted it was my child. I’m paying to stay out of jail,” the New York Post quoted him as saying.

"It’s his kid and the whole world knows it. To avoid jail, he’s paying for an illegitimate kid that’s not his? It’s completely ridiculous,” said Dina.

"When I heard that he was paying for this child in Montana, I just had to fight for my kids," she added.

She claims her ex owes more than 30,000 dollars in child support and other bills, including school costs for son Cody, 14, and daughter Ali, 16.

"Lindsay is so upset and disgusted with him. Last year, I went to court on Christmas Eve, and here I am this Christmas, going back to court," she said.

The family was also upset to see Michael Lohan Sr. on TV receiving expensive Botox treatments with his latest girlfriend.

Michael denied all the charges and said he was only one month behind on child support. He said the recent televised Botox treatment with his girlfriend was "promotional," and he did not pay for it.