LiLo’s ‘plan’ to stay out of jail

Updated: Jul 10, 2010, 17:57 PM IST

Washington: Lindsay Lohan has found a legal way to stay out of jail for six months to a year.

A source has revealed that by appealing her 90-day jail sentence for a probation violation, the actress will buy herself some time.

“Lindsay`s lawyer only has to file a notice of appeal with Judge (Marsha) Revel, and under terms of California law--particularly misdemeanor probation appeals--the defendant must be granted bail,” quoted a source as saying.

“Judge Revel will be forced to give Lohan bail pending the appeal, and Lilo wouldn`t even have to appear in front of Judge Revel again.

“The appeal will take six months to a year to be heard. It`s highly unlikely that Lohan`s appeal will be successful. However, it will keep her out of jail for at least the next six months to a year,” the source added.

However, Judge can order rehab programme for her, the source said.

“Judge Revel could order Lohan into the 90 day in-patient rehab program immediately," the source said.