Lily Allen feared being caught in terror attack

London: Singer Lily Allen was terrified of being caught in a terrorist attack when she recently visited Paris to attend a fashion show.

The ‘Smile’ singer, who is pregnant with her first child, was in Paris when the British government issued a warning that there was a "high threat" of attacks in Europe and advised people not to travel to France.

However, Allen`s fears heightened when a man holding a suspicious looking bottle sat next to her at a taxi stand, reports

Writing on microblogging site Twitter, she said: "Oh god, foreign office have put people travelling to France on high terror alert!!! I`m in Paris already. Scared being here but scared to get on the Eurostar home."

"Come to think of it. The day before yesterday there was this weird guy balancing a small bottle of something on his knee. He was sat next to me at a taxi rank, I thought he was being strange so I snuck a picture. I hope I`m just being a mad paranoid pregnant lady and that he wasn`t a terrorist about to unleash deathly virus."