Lindsay Lohan arrested over club brawl

Los Angeles: Troubled star Lindsay Lohan has been arrested in the early hours this morning after a heated exchange with a woman at a club.

The incident took place between the 26-year-old `Liz & Dick` star and another female, who was at the New York City venue, after they had argued verbally, reported TMZ online.

Officers said that words were exchanged between Lohan and a woman in another booth at the club and some time later teh actress allegedly hit the girl.

Lohan is believed to still be in custody.

Her legal history is lengthy, with a 2007 arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) in California starting a chain of events leading to rehab, jail and further charges including theft of a necklace.

She finally completed probation in March this year, but has since run into further problems and could faces charges of lying to police after a June car accident on the Pacific Coast Highway near Los Angeles.

Lohan told officers she was a passenger in the car involved, when she is believed to have been driving.